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A wide range of glazing options available for several applications and property types. 

Our systems feature an extended polyamide thermal break which improves the energy rating

Can be internally or externally beaded for improved safety.

All systems feature a very competent multi-point lock.



With our diverse range of aluminium systems, we do have the whole package. 

From different styles to different configurations, there is really quite a lot to choose from.

But don’t let that scare you. 

The more choice means you’ll more likely find the perfect one for you.

If you are not sure, give us a call.


Alitherm 300

Features – Frame Depth: 53mm & 76mm.

U Value – 1.5W/m2K using a 1.0 centre pane.

Side Hung Max Width: 700mm.

Side Hung Max Height: 1400mm.

Top Hung Max Width: 1400mm.

Top Hung Max Height: 1300mm.



Alitherm 600

Features – Frame Depth: 59mm & 70mm.

U Value – 1.6W/m2K using a 1.0 centre pane.

Side Hung Max Width: 1000mm.

Side Hung Max Height: 1400mm.

Top Hung Max Width: 1400mm.

Top Hung Max Height: 1500mm.



Alitherm 800

Features – Frame Depth: 70mm.

U Value – 1.5W/m2K using a 1.0 centre pane.

Side Hung Max Width: 700mm.

Side Hung Max Height: 1400mm.

Top Hung Max Width: 1400mm.

Top Hung Max Height: 1300mm.

The Alitherm range of windows offers various high quality glazing solutions. From side hung, top hung open out, top swing reversible and parallel opening casements, suitable for both residential and commercial markets.


Eco Futural is a high performance window system suitable for use as a tilt-and-turn, pivot casement and fixed and open out casement windows. Intended for commercial use.


Max Weight Horizontal: 180kg.

Max Weight Vertical: 120kg.

Frame Depth: 65mm.

U Value – 1.4W/m2K using a 1.1 centre pane. 

Tilt Turn

Max Width: 1700mm.

Max Height: 2400mm.

SLIDE 2000

The Slide 2000 is an innovative product, known as the evolved form of the original sliding system. The system is designed for use as a sliding patio door in residential applications for both new builds and refurbishment projects. Slide 2000 is also useful as a horizontal sliding window for uses such as external serving hatches.

Sliding Door Max Height: 2100mm

Sliding Door Max Weight: 200kg


Alitherm Heritage provides the ideal solution for heritage applications such as listed building renovations and large scale replica-refurbishment projects where planning constraints are to be considered.

The window is designed to be built as a series of horizontal modules which can be stacked using horizontal couplers to form a multi-part window featuring a specially design drip bar between modules.

Alitherm profiles utilise Smart’s innovative polyamide thermal break technology which creates a barrier between the cold air outside and the warm air inside. This technology significantly reduces thermal transmittance and enhances the overall U Value of a product and is designed to meet the exacting requirements of Document L 2010.


Smart Wall is a thermal shop front screen and door system suitable for all ground floor application. This product is particularly ideal and popular in schools, colleges and other educational buildings.

Frame Depth: 100mm.

Frame Width: 53mm.

U Value – Doors – 1.8 W/m2K using a 1.0 centre pane.

Screens – 1.4W/m2K using a 1.0 centre pane.

Max Sash Height: 2500mm.

Max Sash Width: 1150mm.

Features enhanced security performance.

Windows that pack in technology to keep your home warm and quiet without looking bulky and industrial 


Visoglide Plus offers the same contemporary styling and robust performance associated with the system whilst delivering superior thermal performance.

This adaptable system is suitable for use as either sliding commercial entrances where large opening apertures are required, or as dynamic residential sliding doors that maximise light and give stunning unimpeded views. Visoglide Plus profiles have been designed to improve both strength and weather resistance. All main sections feature an extended polyamide thermal break that allows Visoglide Plus to achieve a U Value of 1.6 W/m²K when installed with a suitable sealed unit.

Visoglide Plus doors are available in both single and dual colour in wide choice of standard and non-standard finishes including Outlook’s unique Sensations range of textured colours. The system is also suitable for use with auto slide opening mechanisms (sold seperately).


The Alitherm Plus residential door takes its place alongside the Alitherm 47 Door, giving the option of a robust performance, domestic entrance door and an alternative to the Visoline light commercial door.

Fabricator & Fitter friendly; the new Alitherm Plus door is designed to be easier to manufacture and install. New adjustable hinges, lock keeps and additional sash passing clearance allow for greater on-site fitting tolerances.

Visofold can be used in domestic applications as either an alternative to sliding doors, or to open up an entire wall as part of a conservatory; the system will make the most of a beautiful view or bring a garden into the home.


All Visofold profiles feature a polyamide thermal break that enhances the thermal performance of the profile and improves the overall U-Value. Profiles feature EPDM high quality gaskets and weather brushes to aid weather resistance. Visofold complies with the requirements of Building Regulations Document L 2010. Security is assured by multi-point lock mechanisms on main opening sashes, and shoot-bolt locking on floating mullions.

All Visofold doors have the option of either low thresholds for unimpeded, easy access, or rebated thresholds that offer improved weather resistance. Visofold doors are available in a choice of standard or non-standard colours, including metallic, wood-structure, dual colour and Outlook’s unique Sensations range of textured finishes.


Understanding the lingo

Here’s a brief guide to some of the common terminology and considerations that you may come across as you select your new windows and doors:


U-values are a measure of how good a material is as an insulator. Quite simply the lower the U-value, the better insulator.

Security rating

Most window and doors will be certified to PAS 24 – essentially this means that the manufacture of the product has been monitored by an accredited certification body. It’s worth noting though that this is a minimum standard - it doesn’t include higher or lower grades for security.

Weather Performance

As part of the building ‘envelope’, windows and doors contribute to its overall weather performance, including its resistance to water ingress and its air-tightness. Manufacturers test their window and door systems to make sure they meet the required performance standards.

Window Energy Ratings (WER)

The Window Energy Rating (WER) scheme provides a measure of a window’s energy-efficiency. The system is based on a simple A+ to G scale (with A+ being the most energy-efficient) and is similar to the scheme that operates on white goods and light bulbs.

Building Regulations: Document L and Document Q

Your installer will be able to answer any questions you have on Building Regulations, but there are two key elements of the regulations which affect windows and doors:

  • Document L: covers the insulation values of building elements

  • Document Q: covers the key security requirements for buildings


Glass Options

A wide range of glass options is available for your window and door system, with double and triple glazing, self-cleaning, gas-filled, anti-glare, coated, decorative and energy-efficient units just some of the options! Again, your installer will be able to help you with any questions and to select the most suitable unit for your home.

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